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Our Mission: Apply Security & Productivity Technologies to Protect People & Assets, while increasing Productivity, Sales & Profits.

Our Vision: Donate products, services and All our profits to faith-based charities that are leaders at helping those far less fortunate.

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Why Buy? Cut losses, increase productivity, revenue & profits!

Why TeleNavigators? Cost-Effective, high-quality solutions at competitive prices with superior support, and All Our Profits Go To charity!

Why Now? Why wait to protect people, assetts, revenue & profits?

TeleNavigators' Consultative Value:
We pride ourselves in our consultative approach to help customers obtain the most effective solution for their investment while focusing on quality products and services at competitive prices. Our focus on cost-effectiveness, quality and support maximizes your long-term business value.
TeleNavigators integrates the following Security & Productivity Technologies to maximize solution effectiveness:
  • Camera Security/Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection & Alarming
  • Gate & Door Access Control
  • LAN/WLAN/WAN/WWAN Data Networks
  • Intercom, 2wayVoice, AudioAlert & VoIP
While Video Surveillance & Camera Security Applications are currently our largest market, we also specialize in Access Control & Alarm solutions. Data Networks & Voice/Audio technologies are often integral to our solutions.
We deplore crime overtaking our communities and are focused on helping governments, businesses, and neighborhoods gang up on crime via our Partner Against Crime Together (PACT) program.
Because of our Charitable Vision, you can be confident that by doing business with TeleNavigators you are directly helping the needy and not just contributing to the riches of others.
TeleNavigators solutions provide not only Security benefits, but also significantly increase Productivity, Sales & Profits.

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